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October 10th, 2006

begforgrace @ 09:58 am: new little light(s)
SO! after a long hiatus i have been creating a few owls & have just now sketched out a pattern for whales. i am very excited about this!

i am planning on stocking our etsy shop by the end of next week, hopefully. there may only be a half dozen or so owls on there but from here on out i plan on stocking regularly.

the owls i have been making have been from materials my grandmother left me, along with felt & some other recycled materials. i am going to be investing in a bit of high-quality wool in the next few weeks & plan on making some owls/whales in wool.

i hope to have some new pictures up this week!

little light(s) etsy shop.

August 8th, 2006

begforgrace @ 12:43 pm: ginger who-hoo

ginger is being sent off to wanderingio today!


July 26th, 2006

begforgrace @ 12:51 am: jackson III

this is jackson III... heading off to england tomorrow!!

my craftmanship has greatly improved over the last several days, & im really excited about that. i am hoping to have quite a few softies in stock come september!

July 20th, 2006

begforgrace @ 01:11 pm: jasper who-hoo

this is jasper. brown & yellow print with forest green felt back.

shipping included in the price.

July 19th, 2006

begforgrace @ 10:14 am: chloe

chloe is off to california today!

July 9th, 2006

begforgrace @ 09:28 pm: betty owl FOR SALE

this is betty. her back is bright turquoise felt and her front is vintage polka dot material i found in a trunk when we moved into my grandmother's house. there is a slight pucker on the sides & so im offering this one at a reduced price.

5-8 dollars (whatever you can afford), plus shipping.

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July 1st, 2006

begforgrace @ 01:25 pm: isobel owl - SOLD

this is isobel. she has a felt back & eyes & her front is made from leftover fabric of my grandmothers, though im not sure its truly vintage. one stitch around her eye is a little looser than id like it to be, so im selling this one for a bit less.

she is not recommended for children under 4.

5$ plus shipping.

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June 29th, 2006

begforgrace @ 01:04 pm: softy georgette

georgette has Big Eyes!Collapse )

i think this is the last owl made for my own practice. ive cut out several & hopefully will sewsewsew this weekend.

June 28th, 2006

begforgrace @ 12:53 am: jackson

i stitched him tonight, after work. & his name is Jackson.
because he just looked at me and said, "my name is jackson!"
he's much larger than the others; almost 8 inches tall.

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